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no perfect people allowed



My Friend Wants to Know...

Friends with Questions—we all have them!  They ask about cultural issues, hot-button items, and personal conflicts…maybe their biggest question is—“Who can answer all my questions?”  We can!  Or at least we’ll try!  Each week of this new teaching series, we’ll give real answers to some of the more difficult questions troubling our friends.  


No perfect people allowed

The Bridge is a church made up of imperfect people that have been treated far better than we deserve by God.  In fact, our motto—“No Perfect People Allowed”—is a reminder that all of us have issues and baggage and are in need of God’s grace and forgiveness.  So, if you’re a little less than perfect, then you’ll fit in perfectly!

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One church, two locations.

The Bridge is one church that meets in two different locations—Sugar Land and Palladium Theater. As our guest at either location, you will receive a red-carpet, VIP treatment because we appreciate you spending part of your weekend with us. Each Sunday, we have a special team of people ready to show you around or answer any questions you might have. No matter which campus you choose, you can expect a creative, fun, and life-changing experience! 


802 Brooks Street, Sugar Land


7301 W Grand Pkwy S., Richmond