Pastoral Services: $350

1. Certificate through "Together in Texas Project" for $60 off the cost of your Texas marriage license and the waiving of the 3 day waiting period. 
2. The Couple Check-Up, an assessment to help you gain understanding, increase productive discussion, and take action leading to lasting growth in your relationship.
3. At least 3 customized counseling sessions with the pastor based on your check-up report.
4. The 8-session online marriage course taught by the nation's leading marital experts. Topics include:
    a. Marital expectations
    b. Communication & emotional intimacy
    c. Personal differences
    d. Conflict resolution
    e. Spiritual intimacy
    f. Relating with money part 1
    g. Relating with money part 2
    h. Sexual intimacy
5. Student manual workbook
6. Pastoral Honorarium (including in-town travel expenses to rehearsal & ceremony)