One Hit Wonders

Series Description


You know the song. It comes on the radio and you can spit the lyrics as if you’ve heard it a thousand times.  This is probably because, at one point or another, you have!  Every generation has their “One Hit Wonders”—artists that are only known for one song that was massively popular and overshadowed the rest of their careers.  The Bible has “one hit wonders” too!  However, these hits are often overlooked and underplayed because they only consist of one chapter and it’s easy to skip past them as if they aren’t even there.  Although these are the shortest books of the Bible, they are by no means the least significant.  On the contrary, they pack a serious punch!  For the next three weeks, we will look closely at a few of these flashes in the pan of Scripture to discover how these “One Hit Wonders” can impact our lives today. 

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