JUNE 29th - Marshall Peterson

At some point in our lives, we all ask the question, “What am I worth?” And then we come up with a criteria to determine our worth. It may be accomplishments, status, relationships, or our deeds. But God doesn’t determine our worth on what we achieve. We must simply receive His grace and love.

JULY 6th - Day of Freedom

Celebrate with us as we take a look at our freedom and what it means to us as followers of Christ.  We usually think that freedom gives us the right to do whatever we want.  When we look at what the bible and the founding fathers intended, we discover that freedom actually gives us the ability to leverage ourselves for the sake of others.

JULY 13th - A Perfect Father

We all have a view of God, but who or what is right? The truth is that God is a perfect father.  Guest speaker John Flores.