How to Get a Sponsor


As a family ministry we believe that partnering with you is one of the most important things that we can do. One thing that we understand to be true is that an incoming college student will decide whether or not they will be involved in church within the first two weeks of school.

Because of this, we want to continue to partner with you and your student in helping them to not only get involved in a church in their new community but also to know that The Bridge is still praying for them and supporting them along the way.

That is why we have launched “Sponsor a Senior.” We are asking partners from the Bridge to commit to sponsoring one of our graduating seniors during their first year of college. We are asking each sponsor to pray for their student each week as they transition into a new phase of life. We are also wanting them to send the student a text or email once a week as a means to connect with them while they are away. Sponsors will also be encouraged to send a care package during the first semester and another one second semester to their student. We believe that simply showing our seniors that the church desires to remain a part of their lives will help them as they transition into this new phase.

We would love for your graduating senior to benefit from this encouragement but before we get your permission to release your student’s information, we wanted to be sure to let you know the specifics of what the process entails. The sponsor will visit our website to express their interest and will complete a background check.

Upon receiving the clearance on the background check, the sponsor will be assigned to a student. The sponsor will receive your student’s first name and last initial and phone number. Once your student has been assigned to a sponsor, the sponsor’s information will also be shared with you as the parent.

If for any reason, you do not want certain information to be given to the sponsor, please indicate this on the form or email Taylor Rambo ( or Brandon Self (

We are so excited for your student and cannot wait to witness how God uses them in their new communities.


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