How can I share and idea I have of a way to DO GOOD in our community that I want the Bridge to participate in?

Click Here to share your DO GOOD idea

Where are good places to take items I would like to donate to our community?

We have several organizations that we love to support in our area.  You can feel free to check them out and take your items to their facilities.  We know they are DOing GOOD well!

  • Clothingand Shoes:  Common Threads (Click Here)
  • House hold items
    • Common Threads
    • Second Mile
  • Food 
    • Helping Hands
    • Lunches of Love

How does The Bridge decide which organizations we will partner with?

  • Our team is always looking for local and global partners who are working to transformcommunities through relationships that focus on empowerment and long term progress.  We want the DNA of organizations we partner with to match the DNA of The Bridge, so community and strategies based on relationships need to be at the core of the organizations we connect ourselves to.  There are so many groups doing good work.  We can’t commit our resources to everyone. We try our best to find the organizations we feel are working to move the needle for their community in the most long lasting areas of growth, and help them however we can. 


How old do I have to be to go on a DO GOOD Global trip?

  • Most of the organizations we partner with require participants to be at least 14years of age to go on their trips.