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Do Good Local


We want to help transform our community by leading others to fall more in love with Jesus.  We are able to do that through incredible partnerships and relationships around our area. 


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Pink Elementary

We believe that the local school is the perfect place for community and church to come together and change the world.  We are so thankful we are able to come alongside the amazing staff and families at Pink Elementary as they lead the next generation of North Richmond.  

Here is what our partnership looks like:

One on One student mentoring: One adult, One Student, One hour, One day a week: life change can happen through the relationships built in these moments.
Classroom Reader: We want every kid at Pink to love reading! You can be a part of helping to make that happen by reading to a classroom 2 times a month. It is a 30 minute commitment that can make a lifetime impact.
Teacher sponsorships: Adult or Student small groups, families, or individuals can sponsor a classroom at Pink.  This means you have the chance to encourage this teacher and their class in any way you dream up.  Notes, treats, volunteer hours, these are just a few of the ways you can support and love a Pink teacher. 

Attack Poverty 

Attack Poverty is a global organization that serves locally, adopting pockets of poverty and launching what we call ‘Friends Communities’. These are long-term commitments that require mutual relationships and collaborative efforts with local organizations, churches, residents, and stakeholders committed to community transformation. Our community programs include: in-school student support, after school programs, literacy, Adult GED completion, English as a Second Language classes, job readiness training and home repair.


Second Mile Mission

Second Mile Mission Center helps Fort Bend County residents in poverty and crisis by providing basic needs and opportunities to take next steps in their lives. While people are drawn to Second Mile for immediate needs such as food or health care, many begin to shift their focus to long-term goals of self-sufficiency for themselves and their family.


Fort Bend Family Promise

We envision an informed community where coordinated resources of many organizations and individuals meet the immediate needs of families in crises, and where throughout Fort Bend County, families experiencing homelessness are equipped and empowered to safe, independent living.


Sole Loved

Sole Loved is a local shoe charity focused on bringing hope to those in need, by simply giving them a new pair of shoes.  We are a community based 501C3 motivated by a deep passion for helping others.


Helping Hands

Our mission is to feed and clothe people in need in West Fort Bend County. Rosenberg-Richmond Helping Hands assists households with emergency food and clothing on a short-term basis. We supply a safe place for people to receive the help they need and we give our community the opportunity to reach out and serve their neighbors.


Lunches of Love

Lunches of Love is committed to helping end childhood hunger by providing a free nutritious sack lunch during extended school holidays and weekends

Upcoming DO GOOD Opportunities