We want to help transform our world by leading others to fall more in love with Jesus.  We are able to do that through incredible partnerships and relationships around the world.

Upcoming Trips

Southern Sri Lanka
July 18th-28th

Sri Lanka

SOuthwest Turkey
April 5th-15h & June 28th-July 8th


Trip Date: June 17th-23rd 2018


Northern Jordan
April 26th-May 6th


Trip Date: July 21st-28th 2018


Trip Date: TBD


Global Partners

410 Bridge- Haiti

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, with 80% of the population living below the poverty line and  over 80% unemployment.   Just 2 hours north of Port-au-Prince(Haiti’s capital) is Chadirac, home to a beautiful mountainside village of 2,700 people.  The majority of the population is made up of subsistence farmers.  There are very few schools in the area, with only 10% of the children in Chadirac enrolled.  Although many in the community attend a local church, they are still involved in voodoo and other local religious customs.Through our partnership with the 410 Bridge(link here) we have been able to develop a long term relationship with the village of Chadirac. In this remote mountain village Bridge partners have helped to provide a school for the children as well as build relationships that will be nurtured over time to hopefully lead to spiritual, and economic growth within this community.
Age range: 18 year of age +



Innovative Missions- Sri Lanka, Jordan, & Turkey

Jordan & Turkey: Through our partnership with Innovative Missions, we will be traveling to the countries of Jordan and Turkey to work alongside organizations who are ministering to Syrian refugees living in the country. Along with sharing the gospel this team will be focusing on trauma counseling with displaced families.
Age range: 18 year of age +

Living Water International- Honduras & Nicaragua

Living Water International exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience "living water"—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.
Age range: 14 year of age +


Roman Relief Project- Romania

Through our relationship with Romani Relief Project we are able to partner with a Roma (gypsy) church in Mociu, Romania, a very poor village in Northwest Romania. The Roma people are the most disadvantaged minority group in Romania, with over 90% of them living below the poverty line. Frequently they are denied the opportunity to secure housing, education, and employment. They are modern day Samaritans.  While in country we are able to share the love of Jesus by helping with basic food and necessities, making repairs to homes so that they are more adequately prepared for the brutally cold winters. Our biggest point of support is with the local church.  We work alongside them to help them lead their churches to meet the needs of the community they love.
Age range: 18 year of age +