Laura Ellis

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When I was 9 years old I accepted Jesus and was baptized after spending a week at church camp. I was always the one that found excuses of why I didn't want to go to church. As I got older, I lost sight of my faith and my relationship with Jesus. I had some very depressing and dark times and felt like I didn't have any where to turn. For several years, I thought that Jesus didn't have a reason to love me because I had been away from him for so long. Even though I had been saved, I felt alone because I had been so distant and didn't believe that he had a reason to love me. After college, I moved several times but never found a place to stay long enough. I finally ended up in Sugar Land and thought things were rocking along just fine. I was still just trying to do everything my way and things really didn't feel complete. During the Star Wars Christmas series, I was invited by two of my coworkers to The Bridge after attending another church in the area and just not feeling like it was home. After attending one service, I felt like The Bridge was different than any church that I had attended and I wanted to keep coming back. Personally, my life began to change and I began struggling with many decisions. I felt like I needed help making these life changing decisions that family can't always help you make. I continued attending church regularly and during the "No Perfect People Allowed" series, I was reminded what God wants with me and how I can abide. I prayed Scott's prayer at the end of that service and began my walk with Jesus over again as an adult.   I have learned again to rely on Jesus in every day life. I want to be baptized to rededicate my life to Jesus and publicly express my loving relationship with the Lord. I am looking forward to growing in my relationship with the Lord and serving him in all areas in which I am lead.