Eric Watson

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Growing up I attended a couple of different churches with my family and friends. I never really felt like I belonged to any of them, even though I was baptized, and a member of the church I attended with my family most of my life. After graduating high school, through the majority of my adult life I felt that I had a good relationship with Jesus because I prayed regularly, but almost never attended church. I do feel that I did have a relationship with Jesus however; it wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be. Looking back on my life during that period I often felt like something was missing, or just didn’t feel whole. I remember often feeling alone and confused when things weren’t right in my life. No matter what I did I would never completely feel like that void was gone. About a year ago, my good friend Melvinn Brown had been trying to find a church to join. Over the course of a couple of months he would often invite me to different services and I would always find an excuse not to come. One Sunday morning he called me and said he heard about this church nearby that he wanted to check out and asked me to come with him. At the time, I was out walking my dog and thought about using that as an excuse not to come. I don’t know what it was but something was telling me that I needed to go with him that morning. At that time in my life I was feeling very confused about the direction my life was going both personally and professionally. I felt like I was just living life day by day and trying to make the best of it. I felt like my life lacked purpose and direction, so I figured what do I have to lose? and joined him at The Bridge that morning. About half way through the service I was overcome with this feeling that there was no other place I was supposed to be at that moment than sitting in our church, receiving that specific message on that morning. The sermon was so relevant to some issues that I was currently dealing with in my life. As the pastor was saying the final prayer I was moved to tears because I felt that God was speaking directly to me that morning. Almost like he was saying “I’ve been trying to show you this for so long, but you didn’t want to listen.” Since that morning I have attend church just about every Sunday and the few that I missed I listened to on the podcast. I’ve also attended small group and have volunteered for a couple of events. I now feel like my life has a purpose and I do things intentionally as opposed to just going with the flow. I feel so much better about my life and the direction it is headed. During this current series, Pastor Scott told a story about how when his wife said “yes” to his marriage proposal it put his life on completely different path than it would have been if she said “no”. He pointed out that it’s very possible that her decision eventually led to each of us being there that morning. That made me think a lot about my life and where it has gone since I said yes to my friends invitation to join him that morning. I have re-established a relationship with my father; I ended a long-term toxic relationship; I have started a new relationship with someone that is very special to me. Overall, I am in a better place and it is because I said “yes” to coming to church and “yes” to building a relationship with Jesus.