Carollee Cuevas


As a child and young adult my father taught me about the bible and God and i was raised a Catholic. I lost my mother at 8 years old she left me with my father and 2 sisters 7 years old and 1 years old. I felt like i was drowning all the time. I couldn't be a child like all kids at 8 years old. I wanted to go with my mom so bad. But i had to be strong. And my father got involved with another woman who abused me and her father and brother sexually molested me. I felt numb about love but was wanting love from someone who could love me hard. And i later seeked god again i learned you must love him 1st and i had 2 children with special needs and i raised them alone with no ones help. At 39, i met a wonderful man who adores me and he is my best friend. He had 3 children of his own and it was struggles at times cause they always tried to break us up but we had faith in our father god. To not give up. Well 4 years ago we served at TheChurch and they asked me after being a nursery director for 4years to transition out to serve in cafe. I was devasted. I knew in heart god wanted me to be in children's to teach about god and his love. My husband and I left with heavy hearts. And i also felt a little hurt by god to allow people to be so cold with no emotion to how it may hurt others. Friends of ours and their family were told to leave and i was even more torn. But i struggled to forgive them and i know i must. So i want to do what god has done and forgive those who have hurt him. Thats why i feel i need to be baptized. To be forgiven and start new with my life. And possibly sing with the worship team one day. I am not perfect singer but i know god has a plan for me on this. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of this celebration.