Year in Review




“Because I saw and

experienced so much pain in life, I found myself growing bitter and selfish.  Not only that, but I carried a lot of guilt as well. But when I found the Bridge, I discovered that God had never left me. He’s just been waiting for me to unpack all my junk. So one Sunday, I said yes to Christ and it’s changed my life.  Thanks to Jesus for the Bridge and for guiding me and helping me discover the mystery of grace.”


“I struggled with major

anxiety and loneliness. I felt I was walking through life on autopilot and I chose to fill my cup with worldly things and yet I stayed unhappy. I started attending a church where I started volunteering and one weekend I decided to go back to the Bridge where I felt comfortable enough to surrender to Jesus and be baptized. I have started saying yes to opportunities within my faith and it's helped me regain a sense of purpose.”



"Both my wife and

I are honored to serve in the Kingdom of God. Serving brings us humility and a responsibility to be a part of God's Kingdom. It also provides us an easy avenue to fellowship and build friendships with other brothers and sisters with a desire to serve. The Bridge Fellowship's leadership team regularly expresses their appreciation to ALL who serve. It's a JOY to serve here."

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“Serving has been a

blessing to my wife and I in us getting to meet and serve the partners of The Bridge. We feel like one big family on Sunday mornings. It has also brought us closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”




“Being a part of a Global Do Good Mission Trip with Living Water was an unbelievable experience for me and my family. Having the opportunity to go with my wife and daughter was so impactful to me to do this together. This was our first mission trip and for us to be able to go to Honduras with other Bridge families was a great experience that drew us all closer. This mission opened our eyes to the continued need there is outside of our city in many ways. It charged us to look for other ways we could get involved and have. As I feel we made a positive impact on the people of the village, I believe the impact it had on us was greater. I truly believe that due to the loving giving through the Church which allowed us to go on this mission, it began something much greater in each of us and I am excited to see where it takes us next.”



“I really appreciate how The Bridge Church has wrapped their loving arms around the teachers and students at this school. You all have been wonderful and supportive.” - teacher at Pink Elementary




“I have started

attending a small group and have volunteered for a couple of events. I now feel like my life has a purpose and I do things intentionally as opposed to just going with the flow. I feel so much better about my life and the direction it is headed.”


“Small groups have

allowed us to engage with others, make new friends and dive deep into God's word on a regular basis. The open and laid back format made it really easy to get started with the group and made us feel welcome and comfortable. We also really enjoy the social nights where we just spent time with everyone having fun.”