Weddings at The Bridge


Then look no further than our own Kelly K. Kash!

Meet Your Wedding Coordinator


Kelly has personally coordinated over 250 weddings during her time at The Bridge! From all ages, to all styles, Kelly can get it done to your satisfaction!

People have said, "This was the best wedding I have had! I am so glad that Kelly was in charge of coordinating my wedding! I can't wait for my next one!"  "The planning and execution is second to none."  "I highly recommend Kelly K. Kash to plan anyone's wedding."


Direct from Kelly's mouth to our ears and eyes:
"I have so much fun planning peoples weddings! I often put myself in the Bride's shoes so I can know exactly what I want to do!" "Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the coordinating that I think its my wedding!"  "I often get into the wedding party photos. I don't know why they always look at me weird?" "Lately I've been showing up in my own wedding dress!"



Kelly K. Kash
Wedding Coordinator Expert