Below is the list of DO GOOD ideas to help Serve the City!

  •  Join the PallAdium host team as they provide breakfast for the Palladium Theater staff RSVP

  • Help a Palladium staffer have a shiny new vehicle by giving their ride a wash! RSVP
  • Share a smile and a treat with local store owners and employees in the neighborhoods around the Palladium theater.  Use the tag below to let them know who the cookies or goodie bags are from. 

  • Offer a helping hand to our friends at Attack Poverty's Friends of North Richmond Resource Center by helping out with some repairs and updates around their center.  1305 Clay St. Richmond TX 77569.   RSVP
  • Visit children at a local hospital with a smile, prayer and small gift like a small stuffed animals, coloring book,  etc...) (Use the attached tag with your gift or treat)

  • Find a house in your neighborhood that has a yard in need of a mow or some yard work and offer to help them out. 

  • Go to a local fire or police station and bring them a plate of cookies or a hot meal.  (Use the attached tag to let them know who the treat is from)

  • Visit your local grocery store and hand out gift cards to people about to check out to help pay for their groceries.
  • Go to a local park where people are hanging out for the afternoon and pass out water bottles and smiles. 

  • Visit a local Dollar Store and get supplies to make back to school bags for incoming kindergarten students at Pink Elementary.  Each class at Pink has around 20 students.  Pencils, erasers, and crayons are always a hit!  You can bring these already made bags to Melissa Toon at the Palladium campus. 
  • Use your creativity to make a welcome back banner for the hallways of Pink Elementary's first week back at school.  Say things like Welcome Back! SO Glad You Are Here!  It's Going To Be A Great Year! Etc... (You can bring these already made banners to Melissa Toon at the Palladium campus)

  • Help our friends at LCISD's Common Threads prepare for their Hope On The Brazos event where they help LCISD families with much needed clothing and supplies for their upcoming school year. 710 Houston St Richmond, TX  77469.    RSVP

Any Questions? Don't hesitate to ask! Just email